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Published: 07th October 2008
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If you are looking for work at home typing jobs no cost ever free start up I think I can help you and maybe even give you some free tips along the way.

If you possess typing skills then you have the basic tools needed to make a ton of money on the internet, using all free programs. There are a lot of companies that will pay you for transcription but the basic problem with that is that it doesn't pay very much. I mean pennies, cents, centavos. If you are lucky enough to land a contract you will be double lucky if they have enough work for you.

There is a way that you can put your typing skills to work and earn a full time income if you are just a little creative. It would mean that you will be working for yourself and being your own boss but the earning potential is staggering.

What am I talking about? Article marketing. If you have the skills to put out several articles a day you can compete with the big boys in no time flat. All it takes is a little creativity in your writing and you are set.

The basic reason for article marketing is that of traffic generation to your website where you monetize your visitors. Your articles are found in the search engines when someone is looking for information about a particular subject. Your keywords are crafted from research and strategically used to target certain visitors. They find your article, read your valuable content and click through to your site and buy your product.

In a nutshell that is a lucrative way to use your skills to generate a better that full time income from the comfort of your home.

The following list is a general outline that will give you a basic idea of what you will need to do in order to make this business model work for you.

1. You need to choose a topic that you are passionate about. Pick something that you can enjoy writing about and not get burned out the first day. Do you have a hobby, love pets, cooking, religion or whatever? You should pick something you love.

2. Find an affiliate product that is in line with that passion. ClickBank is the most popular affiliate network and should have a product you can market. Buy the product so you can experience it.

3. Set up a website that carries the theme of that product. It doesn't have to be more than one page. List the problems the product will solve and how it will make life better and link it to your affiliate sales page. Spend some quality time on this site so your visitors will click through to your affiliate sales page. If you get them to go there you will get sales and generate a commission.

4. Do intense keyword research on your product. Using Google Keyword tools you can generate a list of targeted keywords that people are using in their searches. The key is to pick keywords with high demand and low supply.

By doing a search on Google using quotes you can see the results number and refine your choices further. Use only those phrases that have 5,000 or less results so you are not jumping into an impossible pool of competition. You should keep building your keyword list into the hundreds so you always stay ahead.

5. Use these keyword to generate your articles. The key word should be in your title, the first paragraph and make it a link to your pre-sales site near the end of your article. Write your article around your keywords. They will be the basis of your articles and the directive for the article content.

6. Post your articles on as many article hubs as you can. Two that are getting indexed fast from Google are Ezine Articels and GoArticles. They both have great service and your articles should be on the front page of search results on your keywords in a couple of days.

If you set this up properly you should start seeing sales fast.

This is a powerful marketing model that can generate huge traffic to your site and a lot of sales. All you need is to be a little creative in you writing and you will do great.

Why work for someone else when you can be your own boss. Use your time to produce big checks that will go into your account and not just cents a line. If you can type you can write articles that can drive your bank account through the roof. So you can seek out work at home typing jobs no cost ever free start up or start you own business and secure your future.

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